The original soundtrack for "OCTOPATH TRAVELER II," the new RPG in the "Octopath Traveler" series will be released.

A huge volume of CDs with music that colors the fantastic "HD-2D" world, a fusion of "3DCG" and classic "2D pixels."
The included booklet features a dialogue between composer Yasunori Nishiki, director Keisuke Miyauchi (ACQUIRE), and producer Shinji Takahashi.
The enthusiastic dialogue between the three about music production is a must-see for fans of the series.
The jacket illustration is newly drawn by Naoki Ikushima, the character designer.
Enjoy the many magnificent songs created by Yasunori Nishiki.

Release Date(JP)
2023 Mar 01
¥5,500 (¥5,000+tax)

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