The original soundtrack for "OCTOPATH TRAVELER II," the new RPG in the "Octopath Traveler" series will be released.

A huge volume of CDs with music that colors the fantastic "HD-2D" world, a fusion of "3DCG" and classic "2D pixels."
The included booklet features a dialogue between composer Yasunori Nishiki, director Keisuke Miyauchi (ACQUIRE), and producer Shinji Takahashi.
The enthusiastic dialogue between the three about music production is a must-see for fans of the series.
The jacket illustration is newly drawn by Naoki Ikushima, the character designer.
Enjoy the many magnificent songs created by Yasunori Nishiki.

Release Date(JP)
2023 Mar 01
¥5,500 (¥5,000+tax)

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  • 1Octopath Traveler II -Main Theme-
  • 2Main Theme -Night-
  • 3Ochette, the Hunter
  • 4Castti, the Apothecary
  • 5Throné, the Thief
  • 6Osvald, the Scholar
  • 7Partitio, the Merchant
  • 8Agnea, the Dancer
  • 9Temenos, the Cleric
  • 10Hikari, the Warrior
  • 11Toto'haha
  • 12Toto'haha -Night-
  • 13The Harborlands
  • 14The Harborlands -Night-
  • 15The Brightlands
  • 16The Brightlands -Night-
  • 17The Winterlands
  • 18The Winterlands -Night-
  • 19The Wildlands
  • 20The Wildlands -Night-


  • 1The Leaflands
  • 2The Leaflands -Night-
  • 3The Crestlands
  • 4The Crestlands -Night-
  • 5Hinoeuma
  • 6Hinoeuma -Night-
  • 7The Sundering Sea
  • 8The Sundering Sea -Night-
  • 9Village of Beastlings
  • 10Village of Beastlings -Night-
  • 11Carefree Days
  • 12Seaside Town
  • 13Seaside Town -Night-
  • 14Empty Memories
  • 15Apprehension
  • 16Sensational City
  • 17A Sensational City -Night-
  • 18Miscreant's Melody
  • 19Without Hope, Without Warmth
  • 20Without Hope, Without Warmth -Night-
  • 21Heart's Lament
  • 22A Brief Respite


  • 1Gloomy Grotto
  • 2Normal Battle I
  • 3Victory Fanfare
  • 4Requiem for the Fallen
  • 5Cait's Theme
  • 6Oresrush, Dried Up
  • 7Oresrush, Dried Up -Night-
  • 8Oresrush, Pioneer Town
  • 9Oresrush, Pioneer Town -Night-
  • 10Soliloquy
  • 11Cropdale, Village at Peace
  • 12Cropdale, Village at Peace -Night-
  • 13The Journey Begins
  • 14Bygone Days
  • 15Flamechurch, Sacred Light
  • 16Flamechurch, Sacred Light -Night-
  • 17Doubt Is What I Do
  • 18Ku, Land of the Scarlet Sunset
  • 19Ku, Land of the Scarlet Sunset -Night-
  • 20Tempest on the Battlefield
  • 21Stillness Underground
  • 22Critical Clash I


  • 1Normal Battle II
  • 2Tropu'hopu, Secret Paradise
  • 3Tropu'hopu, Secret Paradise -Night-
  • 4Roque Island, Full Steam Ahead
  • 5Roque Island, Full Steam Ahead -Night-
  • 6Urgency
  • 7Abandoned City
  • 8Abandoned City -Night-
  • 9Snowswept Town
  • 10Snowswept Town -Night-
  • 11Overwhelming Despair
  • 12Forest of Mystery
  • 13Scheming
  • 14Critical Clash II
  • 15Village in the Ravine
  • 16Village in the Ravine -Night-
  • 17A Verdant Wind Blows
  • 18A Verdant Wind Blows -Night-
  • 19Hope
  • 20Home of Wisdom and the Arts
  • 21Home of Wisdom and the Arts -Night-


  • 1Battle on the Sea
  • 2Ruins Immemorial
  • 3At Your Back
  • 4Beyond the Sands
  • 5Beyond the Sands -Night-
  • 6Den of Darkness
  • 7Torrent of Evil
  • 8Normal Battle III
  • 9Fierce Confrontation
  • 10Unshakable Resolve
  • 11For the Dawn
  • 12The Journey for Legends Ends
  • 13The Journey for Memories Ends
  • 14The Journey for Freedom Ends
  • 15The Journey for Revenge Ends
  • 16The Journey for Happiness Ends
  • 17Song of Hope
  • 18The Journey for Truth Ends
  • 19The Journey for Kingship Ends


  • 1In Pursuit of Legends
  • 2In Pursuit of Memories
  • 3In Pursuit of Freedom
  • 4In Pursuit of Revenge
  • 5In Pursuit of Happiness
  • 6In Pursuit of Hope
  • 7In Pursuit of Truth
  • 8In Pursuit of Kingship
  • 9Dark Night
  • 10Invitation to Darkness
  • 11Lifting the Veil
  • 12Vide, the Wicked
  • 13Those Who Hope for the Dawn
  • 14Those Who Deny the Dawn
  • 15Ending Theme
  • 16Epilogue
  • 17Journey for the Dawn
  • 18Cait's Theme -Piano Version-
  • 19Cait's Theme -Guitar Version-
  • 20Cait's Theme -Violin Version-
  • 21Scarlet Folk Song -By the Light of the Heart-
  • 22Gil on the Keys
  • 23All For You
  • 24In Pursuit of Applause
  • 25Song of Hope -Piano Solo-
  • 26Underworldly Entity
  • 27Dear Travelers
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