A compilation of music arrangements of the best tracks from the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series!

A new album of arrangements for the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series is now available! "Break & Boost" is an album arranged in two distinct directions: a piano ensemble version (Break Side) and a band version (Boost Side). Music that colors the adventures of the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series are newly arranged under the full supervision of composer Yasunori Nishiki.

The cover illustration was newly drawn for this album. Please enjoy the enchanting sounds of the newly arranged tracks from the OCTOPATH TRAVELER series.

Release Date(JP)
2023 Sep 27
¥3,520 (¥3,200+tax)

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  • 1Break: The Riverlands
  • 2Break: At Your Back
  • 3Break: Bestower of Wealth
  • 4Break: Sazantos, Hell's Champion
  • 5Break: Battle at Journey's End
  • 6Boost: Ochette, the Hunter
  • 7Boost: Guardians of Light
  • 8Boost: Normal Battle II
  • 9Boost: Critical Clash II
  • 10Boost: Who Awaits on Greed's Path
  • 11Break & Boost: Cait's Theme
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