The cult classic revisited

Includes the tracks from the "15 Nightmares/The World of Recycled Vessel" downloadable content that was released after NieR came out in April 2010 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. You will also find several newly recorded and newly arranged pieces on the CD overseen by composer Keiichi Okabe. Open up your heart to a world of nightmarish sounds, as many fans continue to do to this day...

Release Date(JP)
2010 Dec 08
¥2,200 (¥2,000+tax)


  • 1Song of the Ancients - Lost Androids Mixuxux
  • 2Blu-bird - Hansel und Gretel
  • 3Shadowlord's Castle - Iron Fist mix feat.DJ-BKO
  • 4Emil - Ultimate Weapon No.7
  • 5Shadowlord - Crying Yonah Version
  • 6Emil/Piano Ver.
  • 7Kainé/Duet Ver.
  • 8The Wretched Automatons/a cappella
  • 9Song of the Ancients/Piano Ver.
  • 10Shadowlord/Music Box Ver.
  • 11The Legend of Nier: 8-bit Heroes
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