The poignant yet beautiful tones of The Cage –
We are pleased to bring you the original soundtrack for the latest entry into the world of NieR.

This original soundtrack features background music from NieR Re[in]carnation, the first mobile title in the NieR series.

From music that adds color to an otherwise effete landscape, to the poignant but beautiful melodies of the picture book worlds, this CD allows you to listen to the music that plays throughout your journey of the main story.

We hope you enjoy the ever-expanding world of NieR with this soundtrack.

Release Date(JP)
2021 Apr 21
¥2,750 (¥2,500+tax)

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  • 1Hajimari (Beginning)
  • 2Inori (Prayers)
  • 3Toki no Shizuku (Droplets of Time)
  • 4Kaze no Koe (Voice of the Wind)
  • 5Kaikyō (Homesick)
  • 6Tōriame (Fleeting Shower)
  • 7Kyōchō (Ill Omen)
  • 8Ikō (Authority)
  • 9Shinpan (Judgment)
  • 10Ruten (Flux)
  • 11Hoshi no Mebuki (Nature's Blessing)
  • 12Sabigoe (Dignified Voice)
  • 13Toki no Kane (Bell of Time)
  • 14Shikku (Dashing Forth)
  • 15Aun (Breathe)
  • 16Omokage (Vestige)
  • 17Gōgan (Arrogance)
  • 18Kyūsai (Aid)
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