Features brand-new music from the world of SaGa 2

This album contains all 21 pieces featured in the immersive live performance, including fresh arrangements of familiar melodies and new music written exclusively for this event! The booklet contains commentary from composer Kenji Ito and series creator Akitoshi Kawazu.

Release Date(JP)
2018 Oct 03
¥2,750 (¥2,500+tax)

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  • 1Birth of a Queen: Opening Act
  • 2An Existential Threat
  • 3Assimilation
  • 4The Termites Attack
  • 5A Tragic Decision: Noel's Resolve
  • 6Saving Wagnas
  • 7The Heroes' Shadows
  • 8I Dub Thee...!
  • 9Cat and Keluto (from SaGa THE STAGE: Return of the Seven Heroes)
  • 10Gone But Not Forgotten: Lil's Death
  • 11The Queen Attacks: Rocbouquet Joins the Fray
  • 12Temptation
  • 13Will and Ambition: Gerard's Death
  • 14My Journey Begins (The Legend Begins by Nobuo Uematsu)
  • 15Wagnas's Assault
  • 16Re:BirthⅡ-SEN- The Seven Heroes' Battle
  • 17Re:Birth II - The Ultimate Confrontation from Romancing Sa・Ga 2
  • 18Ballads of Love
  • 19A Fulfilled Promise: Noel and Oaive
  • 20Epilogue: End of an Era
  • 21The Seven Heroes' Eternal Journey
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