Enjoy the world of SaGa Frontier along with beloved scenes paired with its tracks.

SaGa Frontier was released for PlayStation(R) on July 11, 1997. The stories written by each of the seven main characters now arrive as a soundtrack that includes visuals with a multitude of classic scenes to be enjoyed!

Composed by Kenji Ito, this comprehensive collection of tracks have been remastered.

The many tracks implemented in the game, including “The Opening of a Journey,” “Battle #4,” and “ALONE,” are revived alongside memorable images.

In addition to an interview with Benny Matsuyama (game writer/novelist) and Kenji Ito (composer), the included booklet is planned to have liner notes by Koichi Ishii (planning chief) and Akitoshi Kawazu (SaGa Series General Director) who were staff members from during the time of development.

Enjoy the world of SaGa Frontier even further with your eyes and ears through this new audiovisual experience.

■Sure to give you the urge to play again — Revival series that sparks nostalgic memories!
Based on the concept, “revive the adventures from those days,” this soundtrack series offers music and gameplay images just as they were at the time of their release. Scenes have been carefully selected from throughout all of the stories to match each track, and are presented in the new form of Blu-ray discs. In addition to classic pairings (“This track just has to go with this line!”), enjoy a multitude of scenes that stir up the irresistible urge to grasp the controller once more.

■MP3 audio files included in disc!
The SQUARE ENIX MUSIC Blu-ray Disc soundtrack includes MP3 audio files within the disc. By running the relevant feature while playing back the disc within a home network connection or on a PC with a Blu-ray drive, those MP3 audio files can be downloaded onto devices such as your PC, smartphone, and portable digital audio player, enabling you to bring the tracks with you on the go. Enjoy your music life with the freedom of tailoring it to your lifestyle.

Release Date(JP)
2021 Jun 02
¥5,500 (¥5,000+tax)

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  • 1Dawn of a Journey
  • 2Opening Title Theme
  • 3Blue's Theme
  • 4Margmel in Ruin
  • 5A Traditional Yorkland Air
  • 6Junk
  • 7Alkaiser Attacks!
  • 8Emelia's Theme
  • 9Asellus's Theme
  • 10Uncertainty
  • 11Dungeon #1
  • 12Battle #1
  • 13Victory!
  • 14To a New Land
  • 15Sunset Town
  • 16Let's Swing!
  • 17Caballero Clan Confrontation
  • 18Ancient Tomb of Sei
  • 19Ancient Tomb of Mu
  • 20Battle #2
  • 21Nakajima Robotics
  • 22Combat Arena
  • 23Leonard's Laboratory
  • 24Theme of the Cygnus
  • 25Baccarat
  • 26Devin
  • 27Koorong
  • 28Battle #3
  • 29Your Journey Ends...
  • 30N-E-X-T
  • 31A Town in Blue
  • 32Omble
  • 33Ancient Ship
  • 34Despair
  • 35HQ
  • 36Booby Trap
  • 37Hey, Fuse!
  • 38Shudder
  • 39Owmi
  • 40Shingrow
  • 41Theme of a Kylin
  • 42Shuzer
  • 43Danger!
  • 44Battle #4
  • 45Back Streets of Koorong
  • 46Alone
  • 47Melody of Time
  • 48Orlouge's Oppression
  • 49Castle of Thorns
  • 50Dark Labyrinth
  • 51Magic Kingdom
  • 52Battle #5
  • 53A Melody
  • 54Resolution
  • 55Mosperiburg
  • 56Wakatu
  • 57BlackX Base
  • 58Hell
  • 59The Ultimate Weapon
  • 60At All Costs...
  • 61Asellus's Last Battle
  • 62Blue's Last Battle
  • 63Riki's Last Battle
  • 64Red's Last Battle
  • 65T260G's Last Battle
  • 66Lute's Last Battle
  • 67Emelia's Last Battle
  • 68Lummox Beat (Riki's Ending)
  • 69Destiny (Blue's Ending)
  • 70My Dear Country (Lute's Ending)
  • 71R3X Rush! (Red's Ending)
  • 72Flashing Before My Eyes (Asellus's Ending)
  • 73Contentment (Emelia's Ending)
  • 74Childhood Memories (T260G's Ending)
  • 75Riki'sTheme
  • 76Tears of Joy
  • 77Finale
  • 78Mechanical World
  • 79Heat Up!
  • 80More Heat Up!!
  • 81Go! Go!! Victoria
  • 82Dream Bubbles
  • 83Hey! FUSE ~DANDY MIX~
  • 84Fuse's Last Battle
  • 85Twilight Scene (Fuse's Ending)
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