A music collection about Romancing SaGa 3's Child of Destiny with an exclusive movie!

We are pleased to announce a new soundtrack from 1995's Romancing SaGa 3, complete with an exclusive movie, in celebration of the SaGa Franchise's 30th anniversary!

This collection contains 70 songs by famed composer Kenji Ito in a format specifically remastered for this soundtrack. Like other entries in this revival series, this product comes complete with a movie containing in-game footage and a booklet containing liner notes featuring some of the title's development team members. As a special bonus, this work also features a special interview with SaGa Franchise creators.
Relive the wonders of Romancing SaGa 3 from a variety of different perspectives.

Release Date(JP)
2020 Apr 01

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  • 1Prologue ~Looming Eclipse of Destruction~
  • 2Title Screen
  • 3Julian's Theme
  • 4Ellen's Theme
  • 5Sara's Theme
  • 6Thomas's Theme
  • 7Harid's Theme
  • 8Michael's Theme
  • 9Monica's Theme
  • 10Katarina's Theme
  • 11Field of Adventure
  • 12Battle I
  • 13Victory!
  • 14Podol
  • 15Dungeon I
  • 16Battle II
  • 17Benedictory March
  • 18Setting Sail
  • 19Muse's Theme
  • 20Dungeon II
  • 21The Professor's Lovely Theme
  • 22Operation: Pet Pickup
  • 23Voyage by Sea
  • 24The Holy Town of Lance
  • 25Hall of the Holy King
  • 26War Machine Battle
  • 27The Great Arch
  • 28Jungle
  • 29Faerie Village
  • 30Demon of Dreams
  • 31Dophore's Vices
  • 32The Great Robin's Theme ~Villainy Will Never Prosper~
  • 33Awakening
  • 34Vanguard Liftoff!
  • 35Island at the End of the World
  • 36Desert
  • 37The Crystal Ruin
  • 38Eastern Realm
  • 39Seat of Many Kings
  • 40Rashkuta
  • 41Tower of the King of Gods
  • 42Trading
  • 43Aurora
  • 44Snowman Town
  • 45The Frozen Lake
  • 46Gwayne's Lair
  • 47Leonid's Castle
  • 48Palace of the Devil Lords
  • 49Beneath the Palace of the Devil Lords
  • 50Byunei's Den
  • 51Fortress of Fire
  • 52Undersea Palace
  • 53Imminent Danger
  • 54Devil Lord Confrontation I
  • 55Theme of Utter Defeat
  • 56Theme of Sorrow I
  • 57Theme of Sorrow II
  • 58Off to the Battlefield…
  • 59Arcane Castle Battle
  • 60Final Dungeon
  • 61Devil Lord Confrontation II
  • 62Gate to the Abyss
  • 63Final Confrontation
  • 64Epilogue ~A New Journey~
  • 65Ending Title Theme
  • 66Fanfare
  • 67A Night's Lodgings
  • 68Trading ~Counterattack~
  • 69Trading ~Defeat~
  • 70The Professor's Lovely Theme (Original Version)
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