Enjoy the sound and footage of full orchestral performances of classic tracks from the SaGa series!

Orchestral SaGa, a concert that was held with no audience on July 31, 2021, is coming to you in the form of a Blu-ray disc. Not only does it feature full orchestral performances, but it also covers everything from Tomokazu Sugita’s narration, Ayano Nonomura’s vocal performance of The Shattered Star, to Masayoshi Yamazaki’s vocal performance of Minuet. It also includes a feature through which you can purely enjoy game footage. Furthermore, a behind-the-scenes video is included as bonus footage, featuring a special comment from Masayoshi Yamazaki. A must have for SaGa fans!

Release Date(JP)
2021 Nov 17
¥7,480 (¥6,800+tax)

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  • 1Prologue
  • 2Narration 1
  • 3Transforming - Thanks for the Grub!
  • 4Narration 2
  • 5Battle #1
  • 6To Wander is to Be Free
  • 7Second is Best!
  • 8Narration 3
  • 9Heading to a New Region
  • 10No Matter the Cost
  • 11A Brash Encounter


  • 1The World is Warm and Beautiful
  • 2Narration 4
  • 3Anima Connects Us All
  • 4Narration 5
  • 5A World Without Limits
  • 6The Shattered Star
  • 7Narration 6
  • 8Blessings of Magic: Macha
  • 9Narration 7
  • 10Prologue -Heaven and Earth-
  • 11Narration 8
  • 12Reforged Bonds: Re;univerSe
  • 13Minuet (Orchestral SaGa Version)


  • 1Overture: Opening Title
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