Original soundtrack of the latest title in "Saga" RPG series!

"Saga Emerald Beyond" is the 20th title in the "Saga" series and the first completely new title in 8 years. Its original soundtrack "SaGa Emerald Beyond Original Soundtrack" is now available on a 3-CD set! You can enjoy each songs that add colors to the stories of the protagonists who are guided by the mysterious emerald wave.
The booklet includes a trilogy discussion between the music composer Kenji Ito, music arranger Yohei Kobayashi, and music director Hidenori Iwasaki (Square Enix). It is full of behind-the-scenes stories about creating and producing music, giving a real sense of the music creation process of the game.

Experience the brand-new "Saga" music that Keinji Ito creates.

*Disc3 Track14 "Crazy for Who?" is not implemented in the game.

Release Date(JP)
2024 May 01
¥3,520 (¥3,200+tax)

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  • 1Emerald Beyond Overture
  • 2Beyond the Emerald Waves
  • 3Emerald Destinies
  • 4The Daily Adventure
  • 5Rising Spirits
  • 6A Quick Warm-Up
  • 7Defeat...
  • 8Victory!
  • 9One, Two, Three!
  • 10The World's Heartbeat
  • 11Opening the Door
  • 12Yumeha, Chipper as Ever!
  • 13Swirling Emotions
  • 14Excitement Awaits
  • 15Stories Left to Tell
  • 16Spiritual Fulfillment
  • 17Ameya, Ready for Anything!
  • 18Fluttering Spirits
  • 19Ameya, Full-Fledged Witch


  • 1Darkness Incarnate
  • 2A Mysterious Person
  • 3Prowling Criminals
  • 4Casting Blind
  • 5Land of Fallen Heroes
  • 6Encroaching Threats
  • 7Keeping Faith
  • 8Dust to Dust
  • 9The Dismal King's Triumph
  • 10Feel the Beat
  • 11Imperial Winds
  • 12Beyond the Doors (Acapella Version)
  • 13Auld Lang Syne (Acapella Version)
  • 14Shedding Tears
  • 15The Ocean Calls
  • 16Un bel di vedremo
  • 17Against All Odds
  • 18Beyond the Doors
  • 19Auld Lang Syne


  • 1CCPD, Moving Out!
  • 2Look Out!
  • 3The Power of Technology
  • 4Incomprehensible Oddity
  • 5Last Person Standing
  • 6Blossoming Beauty
  • 7Something Awaits
  • 8A Fierce Engagement
  • 9Trusting the Waves
  • 10Last Battle
  • 11Where the Wave Leads
  • 12One Tale Ends
  • 13Beyond the Doors / Auld Lang Syne (Karaoke Version)
  • 14Crazy for Who?
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