The music behind FINAL FANTASY XI's second expansion!

When FINAL FANTASY XI takes center stage, so does Naoshi Mizuta! This album contains 23 new tracks penned by the famed composer and a bonus track featuring a live performance by his band The Star Onions.

Release Date(JP)
2004 Nov 17
¥2,200 (¥2,000+tax)


  • 1Unity
  • 2Moblin Menagerie - Movalpolos
  • 3Depths of the Soul
  • 4Faded Memories - Promyvion
  • 5Currents of Time
  • 6First Ode: Nocturne of the Gods
  • 7A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago
  • 8Onslaught
  • 9The Forgotten City - Tavnazian Safehold
  • 10Second Ode: Distant Promises
  • 11The Ruler of the Skies
  • 12Turmoil
  • 13Third Ode: Memoria de la Ŝtona
  • 14Happily Ever After
  • 15Conflict: You Want to Live Forever?
  • 16Conflict: March of the Hero
  • 17Fourth Ode: Clouded Dawn
  • 18Words Unspoken - Pso'Xja
  • 19Fifth Ode: A Time for Prayer
  • 20The Celestial Capital - Al'Taieu
  • 21Gates of Paradise - The Garden of Ru'Hmet
  • 22Dusk and Dawn
  • 23A New Morning
  • 24Gustaberg (Bonus Track)
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