Music depicting another side of Vana'diel has returned!

FINAL FANTASY GRANDMASTERS explores a different side of Vana'diel, the world of FINAL FANTASY XI. Familiar songs from the nostalgia-inducing smartphone online RPG are now available for download and via streaming services!
Enjoy this feast for the ears as you relive all of your best memories in Vana'diel.

*The distribution of this album is limited to Japan only.

Release Date(JP)
2023 Aug 18
* Price may vary according to retailer.


  • 1Clash of Wills (2023 OST Mix)
  • 2Boundless Curiosity
  • 3Hail, Adventurers!
  • 4Opening Theme
  • 5Home Point
  • 6Never Give In
  • 7Fanfare
  • 8Quest Complete!
  • 9Whoops!
  • 10Ending Theme
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