The original FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES soundtrack previously scheduled for release on August 27th, 2020 will be available as of September 2nd, 2020. After 17 years, the music from this timeless masterpiece has returned and is more beautiful than ever before. While capturing the same elegant, traditional-sounding notes used in the original tracks so loved by players, some tracks have been reimagined as remixes and re-manipulations (replaced tonality). This product will consist of two CDs which feature over 50 revamped tracks. The theme songs “Morning Sky” and “Moonless Starry Night,” sung by the artist Yae(English version by Donna Burke) will be recorded in full for this release. Additionally, contained in this first-run limited edition are the remixed and re-manipulated versions of the original BGMs. This special 3-disk set is a must-have for all fans.

Release Date(JP)
2020 Sep 02
¥3,300 (¥3,000+tax)

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  • 1Echoing Memories
  • 2Morning Sky
  • 3Serenity
  • 4Today Comes to Be Tomorrow
  • 5The Village Where It Began (Remaster Version)
  • 6Caravan Crossroad
  • 7Setting Forth (Remaster Version)
  • 8Clouds in the Mirror River
  • 9Dusk in a Dream World (Remaster Version)
  • 10Hammers Thunder in the Pass
  • 11The Midst of Sorrow's Gloom (Remaster Version)
  • 12Prosperity and Tradition
  • 13Tremble, Fiend (Remaster Version)
  • 14With Three of Us...
  • 15Oaths Are Forever (Remaster Version)
  • 16A Story Cut Short
  • 17My Maggie, My Everything (Remaster Version)
  • 18Amidatty and Eleanor
  • 19Promised Grace (Remaster Version)
  • 20Until That Time Comes
  • 21Tender Breeze
  • 22Voice of the Wind, Song of Time (Remaster Version)
  • 23Enemy Stronghold (Remaster Version)
  • 24Steel Your Resolve
  • 25Monster Ronde (Remaster Version)
  • 26Water of Life (Remaster Version)
  • 27I'm a Moogle
  • 28A Face from Bygone Days
  • 29A Year to Celebrate (Remaster Version)
  • 30Morning Sky -KAZENONE-


  • 1Infinite Sky (Remaster Version)
  • 2Keep Pressing Forward
  • 3My Home
  • 4Open Seas Before Me
  • 5Burning in My Heart (Remaster Version)
  • 6Set Yourself Free
  • 7Treasure in the Sands (Remaster Version)
  • 8Strength in Unity
  • 9O Light!
  • 10New Beginnings (Remaster Version)
  • 11Sorrow Makes Us Stronger
  • 12A Time to Smile
  • 13Clear Skies Northward (Remaster Version)
  • 14Mag Mell
  • 15Across the Divide
  • 16Echoing Heart
  • 17Light and Shadow
  • 18Never Wanting to Forget
  • 19Woebegone Creature
  • 20United, Manifested
  • 21To the Keepers of the Crystal
  • 22Eternal Blue (Remaster Version)
  • 23Moonless Starry Night
  • 24Water's Melody
  • 25Moonless Starry Night -HOSHIZUKIYO-
  • 26Morning Sky 〜rewind〜
  • 27Morning Sky -KAZENONE- 〜rewind〜
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