MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY Warrior of Despair Original Soundtrack now available worldwide!

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is a top-class RPG for smartphones developed in-house by a team in charge of main entries in the FINAL FANTASY franchise spearheaded by Yoshinori Kitase, who lead the development of FFVII, FFXIII, and other FF titles.

This original soundtrack is the third entry in the series and contains all 52 songs found in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY: Warrior of Despair composed by Mitsuto Suzuki. Now available for download worldwide!

Release Date(JP)
2020 Jun 30
* Price may vary according to retailer.


  • 1The Slumbering Warriors (Teaser Version)
  • 2Primeval Witch
  • 3Furious Salvo: Ascetic
  • 4Proud Cygnus
  • 5Beats of War
  • 6Prima Donna: Palamecia the Beautiful
  • 7Hah hah hah hah!: FFX Collaboration
  • 8Dream Within a Dream: FFX Collaboration
  • 9Our Story: FFX Collaboration
  • 10Nightwalker
  • 11Heavens' Wail
  • 12Risk Taker: A Bet for the Ages
  • 13A World Adrift
  • 14The Slumbering Warriors
  • 15Warrior of Despair's Theme
  • 16Ultimate Hero: Dawn Warrior
  • 17Sophie the Freelancer
  • 18The Nameless Maiden
  • 19Sophie's Theme
  • 20A Tale Forgotten
  • 21Who are you...?
  • 22Graff's Theme
  • 23A Day in the Life
  • 24Mobius Love
  • 25Mobius Love (Echo Showtime Version)
  • 26I am Graff
  • 27Cleaning House
  • 28Ultimate Coliseum: All-Star Battle Extravaganza
  • 29Tropical Traveler
  • 30Outlaw of Despair
  • 31His Name? The Warrior of Despair
  • 32Cacciatrice
  • 33Wahrsager
  • 34Kämpfer
  • 35Scharfrichter
  • 36Reisender's Theme: Life and Death
  • 37The Phantom
  • 38The Mourner
  • 39Moonlit Masquerade
  • 40Phantom Wedding: My Beloved
  • 41Extreme Warriors
  • 42Destined Saviour
  • 43Earthshaker
  • 44Grand Général
  • 45The Phoenix: Vermilion Wing
  • 46Bailarina: Fanatical Dance
  • 47Archfiend
  • 48None Shall Remember the Names of Those Who Do Not Fight.
  • 49Ending Credits: Warrior of Despair
  • 50Reisender's Theme: Life and Death Remix
  • 51Mobius Love (Karaoke Version)
  • 52Mobius Love Remix Featuring You
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