Another musical chapter in FINAL FANTASY XI history

Includes both the new field music written for this expansion as well as music from the third expansion, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, that wasn't included in the previous soundtrack.

Release Date(JP)
2008 Apr 23
¥2,200 (¥2,000+tax)


  • 1March of the Allied Forces
  • 2Flowers on the Battlefield
  • 3Roar of the Battle Drums
  • 4Autumn Footfalls
  • 5Griffons Never Die
  • 6Clash of Standards
  • 7Echoes of a Zephyr
  • 8Thunder of the March
  • 9Encampment Dreams
  • 10The Cosmic Wheel
  • 11Stargazing
  • 12On this Blade
  • 13Young Griffons in Flight
  • 14Run Maggot, Run!
  • 15Cloister of Time and Souls
  • 16Royal Wanderlust
  • 17Under a Clouded Moon
  • 18Where Lords Rule Not
  • 19Kindred Cry
  • 20Snowdrift Waltz
  • 21Troubled Shadows
  • 22Wings of the Goddess
  • 23Iron Colossus
  • 24Ragnarok
  • 25An Invisible Crown
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